How I fell in love with sprouted rice

OK, so last month I shared with you how nervous I was about being in one place for so many hours. Well, it was long, but I survived just fine, though I was sore until Tuesday. Still, it felt delicious to move in new ways.

An important part of our Manifest Your Inner Teacher program involves nurturing a conscious relationship with our food. No problem there. I love good food.

I’m a little in love with sprouted rice lately. It all started with an excursion to a huge warehouse store in search of amazing and super inexpensive cheese. We are talking about $0.57US Brie. Brie, I tell you! And since this post is about how I fell in love with rice, I won’t wax rhapsodic about the cream filled fresh mozzarella I scored. I will just say that it tasted like happiness.

So back to the rice. Among my many fantastic finds there was a bag of organic sprouted tri-color blend rice (Lundberg, if you care to know the brand). It sounded earthy, socially responsible, and cost just under two bucks for 16 ounces. It turned out to be absolutely incredible—nutty, full of texture and a little sweet. I immediately jumped online in search of the health benefits, because the only thing better than finding something delicious is having a fantastic excuse to eat it.

It turns out it’s a perfect food for us. Both my husband and I have family that struggles with type II diabetes, so we’ve been systematically modifying our food and our lifestyle in hopes of avoiding that issue altogether. You can just imagine how very glad it made me to discover that brown, red and black rice are by far healthier than white rice. And even happier when I read brown rice may even help control blood sugar.

Brown, red and black rice have many more valuable health properties that you can read all about here.  More than anything, I’m just thrilled to find a nourishing replacement I like far better than the original I grew up on! That never happens.

©Laura Tamayo 2016

Photo source: Top Health Beauty, labeled for reuse

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