How this blog began

This blog is a fun project that has grown from a column called Letters from the Mat that I write for Yana Shala. It chronicles my experience going through Manifest Your Inner Teacher, Yana Shala’s teacher training program. It occurred to me that once the program ends, I really want to continue writing about this new adventure I’m on. I was mentioning it to my husband and when he heard the title of my column, he immediately encouraged me to buy the domain. And voilà! My column is now a blog.

I started doing yoga in 1998, but in all these years I have never considered completing teacher training certification. And then something changed. I’ll take a short cut and share with you what was sent in the newsletter.

Hello, everyone! If you come to Yana Shala events and classes, you know Douchka Lecot and Barb Totzke. I can’t tell you how much I admire them. It’s their light that makes Yana Shala glow so warmly. You’ll also know Eva Castilla, the sweet presence that keeps us sane. Me? I’m the one you hardly ever see, the one that tinkers with the website, deals with business-y things and yes, the one at the other end of these emails and the one who sees the survey results.

Speaking of surveys, your feedback has been so moving. Some of your beautiful quotes are on our webpage or marketing materials (thanks for letting us quote you), and some are for our eyes only, guiding us and encouraging us as we do our best to plant the right seeds for our Yana Shala community to grow.

We breathe a sigh of relief when you tell us you’ve enjoyed the deeper dive into yoga philosophy, loved a product we shared with you, or discovered with us life management tools that really worked for you. We laugh when you reference lessons on the magic of poop awareness (it makes me chuckle every time)! But when you tell us that our teacher training program, Manifest Your Inner Teacher,  has completely changed your life, transformed you, helped you find your peace and brought you friends you love that you’ll keep forever… well, I get a little choked up.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It makes an enormous difference. In fact, I have something to share. In 2015 we were just launching Manifest Your Inner Teacher and things were so busy behind the scenes. This year, with a full program completed, more organized thanks to the experience, and so much inspiration from you, I’ll be going through the 2016 program myself.

Thanks so much on behalf of our entire team for supporting our efforts. And thank you personally for sharing your insights and your beautiful hearts. I know the curriculum by heart, and now — thanks to you — I can’t wait to actually experience it.

Photo source: Flickr, labeled for reuse

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