Prepping for teacher training

Fantastic image by award-winning wildlife photographer Marsel Van Oosten. Check out his work it’s beautiful!

Anyway, continuing the story of how this blog began, here’s the column from the newsletter sent back in January…

So in our last email I announced that I was joining this year’s Manifest Your Inner Teacher. And since our community played an important role in my decision, I’m going to share the journey with you. Welcome to my column—don’t worry, I’ll keep it short.

It’s January 15th and we’re just under a month away from day one. Confession: I’m a little freaked out about spending all weekend in one place once a month for most of the year.

My mind is crazy busy all the time and I’m used to being connected constantly, so being offline will be a relief, but being locked up… I don’t know. I suspect I’ll be doodling a lot. Hmm. Nice. I think I just found an excuse to buy art supplies.

Part of the program includes taking and observing classes. While most people love to find one site, I’m (obviously) the restless type, so I’m getting a StudioHop membership. That means I’ll be zipping around all over Dallas and probably making up reasons to visit friends in Austin constantly (gotta check out their studios, right?), all of which will do wonders for my Instagram.

The answer is yes, I always do ten thousand things. Hello, Monkey Mind. Can you imagine if I didn’t meditate at all?

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