© Laura Tamayo

There is such a thing as too much enthusiasm

WOD: enthusiasm – intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.

I was digging around for other yoga blogs thinking I would hunt for inspiration, and in a way, I found some. There are a surprising amount of yoga blogs that just ‘should’ all over readers: what we should do first thing in the morning, how we should feel, when we should practice. Today I ran into a couple of posts preaching on the sanctity of enthusiasm with guidance to help make this intense eagerness a daily habit.

I suppose should-ing is a natural instinct since often when we surf the Internet we’re looking for answers—basically for someone to tell us what we should do. It’s fine for easy garlic peeling tricks or enthusiastic travel recommendations, but for tending to physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, I prefer a nice assortment of suggestions instead.

I mean maybe I’m wrong and everyone should wake up with all sorts of enthusiasm for life every single day, but my over 15,000 mornings so far have been characterized by many feelings, enthusiasm being but one. That’s just not how I do life. I’m glad I’ve had quiet lazy days; I’m grateful for the boredom that so often sparks my creativity (like it clearly does for this guy); and I’m glad that I’ve cried heartbroken for those I’ve lost. I’m even thankful for the fear that I rely on as a signal, sometimes to know that something is wrong and other times to know I’ve hit on something very right.

One leading emotion to supersede all others doesn’t work for me. Sometimes I just need to be very Alanis Morissette about things. Plus I just don’t have that kind of energy. The promise to never again wake up less than fully excited and passionate sounds just about exhausting.

Photo © Laura Tamayo 2016

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