Wait, what? Since when is that not possible?

Who moved my stretchy cheese! Once upon a time a nice full wheel or a scorpion resting on my forearms was no problem. (Wait, just in case you forgot what you were reading, this is a yoga blog and those are asanas. Auto-correct hasn’t taken over.) I mean, it’s not like I was ready for Cirque du Soleil or anything, but once upon a time, back bends were a completely normal part of my routine. Here I am some clearly negligent years later, and touching my toes with straight legs is not always on the yoga menu. Seriously, fantastic it is not.

My biggest worry is that I’ll hurt my back. I threw it out a few years ago and even deep breaths were a nightmare. (By the way, a huge and very public thank you to my awesome husband for the nursing and putting up with all the cursing. That was a very long couple of weeks; I know.) So I’m mostly fine for regular daily activities, but when I get on the mat, I can really see how much sitting has taken a toll on my body.

I may not have a 9-to-5 cubicle job (go laptop living!), but modern work life in general is shockingly sedentary. All those little aches that are so easy to ignore (like those irking my entire left side—ankle, knee, elbow and shoulder) certainly become noticeable when I’m lifting more than a coffee mug. Oy.

So I’ve decided no yoga pose goals for the year. There was a time when I’d pick a pose and work on getting it well formed and comfortable. This year, I just want to get through teacher training, reestablish a regular physical practice, and not grace the halls of the local ER.

Photo source: Pixabay, labeled for reuse

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