Let those crazy butterfly elephant ears show

It’s kind of funny how you can know someone for years and discover a decade in that they also practice yoga. It’s happened to me several times. I think it speaks to how much we separate our circles.

I don’t think there’s any one reason why we have these blind spots. Sure, our friends and family (and certainly total strangers) protect themselves from potential criticism just as we do, but the larger piece of that explanatory pie is probably just that we often develop set ideas about the people in our lives, like the sorts of things they like, their political opinions, and the things they do when they’re not with us. It’s especially easy to do when we see someone in the same context every single time, like a work friend.

As for the people that we are closest to, we know them really well, so it’s easy to forget that just as we change, fall in love with new things and abandoned others, so do they.

So here it is, friends and family: whatever your changes are, I’d love to see them (especially if you’re a closet yogi). I mean it. Tell me about all your crazy. There are things about you I like, but it’s you I actually love. So let those crazy butterfly elephant ears show. Don’t worry, I’ll disguise the teasing when I blog about it.

Photo source: Flickr, labeled for reuse




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