Yoga without borders

That was so much fun! We streamed our first online class via Muuyu and everything went really well. Students could see  and hear us (all of us) and we could see and hear them… It was so great.

I know this is not at all new technology or anything. My excitement is more about a new step in growing our Yana Shala community, about having yet another way to connect with people… and well, there’s also the fact that I love playing with digitoys (and I’m ignoring spell check; I use digitoys so it’s now a word, and we can all smile knowing that the English language just had a tiny growth spurt).

There’s a thrill that comes with knowing we’re able to connect with people on the other side of the planet. And I like the idea that we may find students who join us when they’re globe trotting. Imagine doing yoga with someone practicing at a villa in Tuscany. They get class and you get a breathtaking view! How cool would that be?

Beyond the jump-up-and-down excitement, the idea of online classes also gives me a sort of quiet contentment knowing we can reach out to people who may have fewer options to connect with other people who practice yoga. We can be their phone-a-friend option and keep them company at least online. Who knows what greatness those connections can inspire. Once I get my teaching certification, I’m definitely streaming classes. With a little luck, maybe even from Tuscany.

Photo source: Pixabay, labeled for reuse





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