Movement (the painting)

I vacillated a lot on whether to post one of my paintings or not, since this is after all a yoga blog, but this particular piece is actually relevant.

The process of making it was interesting, with long stretched of waiting for paint to dry. By the time one layer was done, my mood had shifted, so the next layer had completely different emotions driving it. And the end result turned out to be a bit of a metaphor for life for me, with it’s multiple layers of confusion, controlled chaos, deliberate flow, and wisps that attempt to make some sense of it all.

I couldn’t in a million years have planned out this painting, and that’s kind of what I like best about it. When left to my own devices, that’s actually what my home yoga practice is like.

Abstract expressionism
© Laura Tamayo


Feature photo source (the paint brush): Flickr, labeled for reuse

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