Healthy Happy Sexy

Of all the books that we’re using for the teacher training, right now I’m most enjoying one off the recommended reading list. It’s called Healthy Happy Sexy, Ayurveda Wisdom for Modern Women. Don’t worry about the “modern” bit; it’s ancient wisdom for the 21st century, not a test on how progressive we are.

As for the design, the layout is really comfortable with plenty of space in the margins for notes (or tiny Post its if writing on books is sacrilegious to you). As a bonus, it has amusing subtitles like “Tattoo This on Your Fridge” and “Roll Out of Bed with a Purpose.” At the end of each section, you get a nice little summary of essential ideas, which is pretty handy.

I have no idea if this will become a manual of sorts for me or if I’ll read it once and never pick it up again, but right now, I’m liking it, so I’m sharing. It has deep and meaningful phrases that talk about “the basics for how to fool the Grim Reaper for as long as possible” and “beloved boobies.” Any book that includes the Grim Reaper and boobies is one I want to read.

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