I’m a person who does things

Can I just say how much I dislike the question “What are you?”  I know we use it as an abbreviated way to understand who we have before us, but I’d love it if I never ever heard that question again. Like you, my identity is rich and complex, informed by a million experiences and varying contexts. Like you, I wear many labels and get many attached to me without my consent. I’m not any one thing. In fact, I’m not a thing at all. I’m a person who does things.

As for where I’m from, let’s start by clearing up that any location associated with me is not what I am. And if you want to know the geography of my life, then as Taiye Selasi points out in this wonderful talk, “Don’t ask me where I’m from, ask where I’m local.”

Rather than post a thousand word essay, I’ll share this TED Talk with you and say yes, a million times yes to this!

How does it apply to yoga (since after all, this is a yoga blog)? Well, it applies in that I don’t practice any one type of yoga. My practice is very personal and like me, it is a moving mosaic, not a still monochrome.


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