Five more minutes

Five more minutes, I tell myself. I’ll just jot one more thing down so that I don’t forget. Oh and that thing! Yes, the thing! That’s a good idea. Maybe a quick summary of how that would work… a quick slide show. I won’t hunt for images, just the basics. My body says it’s time to stop. My shoulders, lower back, and cramped legs have weighed in and they all agree that it’s time to call it a night, but my mind? It’s racing so fast it’s almost throwing sparks. Welcome to my Monday night.

It’s creeping on 3:25 am and finally, I start to lose my focus. My mind isn’t exactly slowing down. It’s jus that my eyes keep closing, so the ideas I’ve formulated while awake start mingling with the surreal lava-lamp scenes of my encroaching sleeping dreams. I shake my head like an Etch-a-Sketch to clear the Fantasia-like images and acknowledge that it’s time.

By the time I make it to my bed, though, I’ve had a few minutes of distractions (like brushing my teeth) and I guess that’s enough to kick start the thoughts again. So there I am in bed, too exhausted to grab the back scratcher and deal with that itch in the middle of my back, but writing the next great American novel in my head. Solution? An audio book.

You would think I’d pull out my handy yoga nidra, but I didn’t have any on my phone and YouTube doesn’t just stop playing. After one video, another will load that may not be quite so peaceful. It’s ok, though; the novel worked. About 30 seconds into The Bourne Ascendancy, I was out. I had very strange dreams, but at least I was asleep.

My calendar promises an exciting May, so my next order of business really has to be to download some bedtime meditations.

3 thoughts on “Five more minutes

  1. I so relate to this. between 3-4 am the mind is still going but the body can’t quite keep up. The brushing teeth is like a jolt of caffeine. Your post pretty much summed up most of my nights for the past two weeks.


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