Back to the mat

April was a great month that included rewarding business and personal travel. And while some rituals travel easily (like tongue scraping), actual mat yoga completely fell by the wayside. Part of it, I admit, is my inherent suspicion of the cleanliness of hotel carpet. No matter how dedicated the staff, we’re talking high traffic flooring.

Once I’m out of the room, yoga is not really on the agenda. It’s meetings and luncheons and dinners and drinks. My mind is focused on the softer side of yoga, like principles of tolerance and nonviolence. And when work is done, if anywhere near a beach, I’m in the water, collecting seashells, on a boat… you get the picture. So I’m still working on a way to trick myself into mat yoga on business trips.

Anyway, coming home and restarting my routine was tricky. For two weeks on and off I just completely forgot. How? No idea. It’s not like yoga is a new interest, but that’s what happened, and my lower back resented it.

Still haven’t been to a studio class since I’ve been back home, but for now I’ve just reincorporated my 7-minute Promise routine and turned on the step counter on my phone. It seems I’m an extreme walker: thousand upon thousands of steps or barely any at all. Strangely, it’s on the still days that I have to set reminder alarms or talk myself into getting on my mat. I guess it’s true: movement begets more movement.

The important part is that I’m back on my yoga mat. Yay!



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