Mutual accommodation

I was listening to an interview on the radio earlier and the term mutual accommodation came up. Never mind the context; I’m a little in love with the phrase. It’s not new or anything, but you know when you hear something that really resonates with you and seems to apply to everything? Well that’s what this phrase is for me today.

Everything from a presentation I’m chewing on to keeping a happy fun marriage, coordinating meals together, juggling work clients, and navigating our multicultural business space. There I was, driving in the rain wondering why there was so much traffic at 1pm, when I heard those words and just relaxed. It’s all going to be fine. Great even.

Mutual accommodation is something I can do (and it sounds better to me than compromise). We all do it everyday in order to carry on conversations, get through grocery store lines, drive around town (except for that one guy that accommodated no one and had the highway backed up earlier)… I’ve got this.

And then my mind wandered to my yoga practice. Isn’t that what teaching yoga is? Students and teachers in a back and forth process of responding to each other in order to practice together. Ahhhh. I’m telling you, today that phrase is my focus lens.

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