Too much yes?

Rather than making new year’s resolutions, this past January, I decided that I was going to say yes to everything. Well, sort of. I’m saying yes to everything that qualifies under specific parameters I set for myself. And sorry, I’m not sharing those guidelines. You’ll see why in a moment.

Let me start by saying that like most people, I love to say yes. It makes people happy and that’s often very pleasant for me as well. However, I have no trouble saying no at all. Limits are a good thing. My decision to say yes (almost compulsively) is more of an experiment in change. I like change and this seemed a good way to have a different year.

So here I am wrapping up the first half of 2016 and wondering if my all-yes-all-the-time approach was a good idea. On the one hand, it’s brought me some very interesting opportunities, some with nice financial rewards to boot. On the other, my work days have gotten longer than is probably good for me and I’m having more and more trouble carving out down time. I spend time with friends and family, but decompressing and doing nothing for an entire day is not so very easy anymore. And yes, doing nothing is very important to me!

Will this turn to chaos? Will that chaos transition to a wonderful new order? Or is all this yes-ing not the best idea ever I’ve had?

To yes or not to yes; that is the question.

4 thoughts on “Too much yes?

  1. What a great idea. I’ve read about ‘the power of saying yes’ and love that it has brought you some interesting opportunities that you may not have had otherwise 🙂


  2. I didn’t realize the yes-ing was a popular practice until I mentioned what I was doing to a friend and was pointed to a book and a TED Talk. Now I’m even more interested to see what comes of this experiment. So far so good!


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