Coffee is my new bacon

Did I mention to you that I’m doing The Prime? It’s not a freaky cult or anything, just a digestive cleanse (sort of). A friend of mine recommended it to me. I mostly smiled and nodded. She insisted. I half listened. Smiled and nodded. And then she declared she wanted us to do it as a group. I finally sat down and read the book.

Why so much resistance? Well, I’m as aware as anyone how important weight management is, but diets aren’t my thing. Sure I’d love to suddenly have my 20-year-old body back; it’s just really low on my list of priorities. I unabashedly admit I love to eat all sorts of things. Need a label? I’m an yum-a-tarian. I adore drinking wine, eating bread with cured ham, and picking at cheese plates over long, winding conversations that go late into the night. So the mainstream notion of dieting (yuck) is entirely uninspiring.

I’m glad my sweet friend didn’t let up, though, because once I read the book (not just the annoying summary that blabbed about losing weight), I found The Prime is in fact for me. It’s actually an integrated behavioral approach to health and healing designed to protect both the digestive system and the central nervous system. Converted! Can I get an amen!

I’ve already noticed shifts in my food habits, soft unforced changes. Nothing major. I still want everything: the good, the bad, and the naughty. The difference is in how my body responds and how quickly I find I’ve had enough.

Take coffee, for instance. I love coffee, from how it tastes to how it smells to the social contexts that make it the perfect ritual. A few months ago, I could have easily had 4 cups in a day without any discomfort. Now? One cup makes me happy. I don’t know what would happen if I had 4 because I just don’t want that much anymore. It’s like the couple of pieces of bacon at Sunday brunch. Two pieces are fine. I don’t need a plate full.

And today I actually turned down a piece of chocolate and had a box of blackberries instead. No will power involved here, by the way. I’ve always loved both, but taking berries over chocolate? That’s a first.

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