22 Things that make me smile

I read a great post at the end of June by Nicky from The Shimmer Within Her, a sweet blog I just discovered. She lists all sorts of little things that please her and reading them made me smile. The last few days have been a combination of awful and sweet (in that order). I alternate between wanting to grab my husband and my passport and just leaving for good, and being so very glad I’m here.

Life just handed me a bag of crap and I’m having one heck of a time turning it into fertilizer. So I thought a list of things that make me happy, like the one Nicky made, is probably a good idea—I’m even borrowing all those little hearts she sprinkled throughout hers. Let’s see if I can level off the depressing bits with some cheerful ones.

Here we go!

💛 food made just for me by someone I love 💛 the smell of a new book 💛 6-hour long dinners with friends 💛 binge watching on netflix 💛 when someone calls just to say hi 💛 letting my hair down after it’s been up all day 💛 walking around barefoot💛 ladybugs 💛 driving with the sunroof open 💛 comments on my blog 💛 big soft blankets 💛 the sound of people laughing 💛 dark chocolate 💛 the golden hour 💛 0.38 point gel pens 💛 kind words (huge fan of please and thank you) 💛 the first brushstroke of paint on a white canvas 💛 long drives 💛 headstands 💛 writing on the first page of a new notebook 💛 sleeping on the beach 💛 orange gerbera daisies 💛



8 thoughts on “22 Things that make me smile

  1. That is an awesome list! I love the feeling of taking your hair down – it’s equal to taking your bra off!! And I walk around barefoot all the time – I forgot that I love that. Hold onto the things that you love, they will get you through the crap. Hugs x


  2. I love this idea :)! The question often is: ‘What are things you hate’, which is so negative! These kinds of things also show that happiness is in the small, daily things. I love: this list ;), barefoot in the grass, stroking my cat, devious maids (series), popcorn, going to the cinema, raspberries, one legged pigeon pose, airports, warm summer evenings, cuddling, yoga shops, wholefood supermarkets, Lush, foot massages, etc etc etc. haha. Thank you for sharing!

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