My nemesis the neti pot

The idea of cleaning out my sniffing filters is very appealing, even more so when I think of how the air filters in our home look after six months. It’s a fantastic idea to get rid of the specs of pollution, pollen, and dust that get trapped in my nose. Half drowning and suffering burning nostrils, however, sounds far less fantastic.

I’ve tried on and off to use my neti pot and I can sometimes get a good flow going, but so far, it’s not a very neutral experience. No matter how much I vary the salt, it’s always a bit irritating. If I’m even a little snuffly, I’m drowning in my own face. And then there’s the random dripping. As soon as I bend over for down dog or to pick up my shoes, my nose drips. Lovely.

Admittedly, when there’s a lot of stuff in the air, the after effect (save the obnoxious nasal leaking) is actually rather good. Luckily I don’t have allergies, chronic sinusitis or anything like that, but I’m not immune to the effects of a Texas spring in full bloom.

Conclusion: Useful every now and again; but until I grow gills, not a daily thing for me.

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