Damn pennies

And the hits keep coming! I’ve decided the recent unpleasantness cropping up in my life is really just all those pennies from the wishing well pushing to answer my call. No, I’m not convinced, but it’s so much better than crying and sighing over what has been… well, not my favorite month.

Lately it’s like life is laughing maniacally as it calls to me, “You wanted more change, Miss I’m bored? Well, here you go! Ha ha ha!” And then bam! Something entirely not what I wanted happens. 

That’s ok, my answer is still yes. September has been underwhelming but it’s still better than dreary. I like change (generally) and I love my people (even when I want to strangle them) so whatever happens, everything is going to be all right.

But, just in case, there will be no more shooting star, 11:11, or water feature wishes for the rest of this year. 😜

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