10 Random things and real yoga

For a long time, yoga meant having a quiet space for just me. And then life shifted. Now much of my work is solitary and ends quietly with my other half or on my own when he’s busy, a rhythm I mostly enjoy, though from time to time I get nostalgic for days that always ended with friends.

That’s kind of why  I love lists of random things on personal blogs. They make me happy because they remind me of hours spent talking about everything and nothing with some of my favorite people.

As much as I loved my on-the-mat practice, looking back, my loved ones were—and in fact still are—my real yoga. With them I learned to breathe through the tough parts of life, laugh off what couldn’t be helped, pause my constant planning in favor of singing too loud in crowded places, and trust in people’s capacity to love.

So in honor of those special people and those conversations I so miss, here’s a short list of 10 random things I imagine (ahem, remember) us talking about. Hope it makes you smile.

  1. Craziest roommate ever
  2. Top 10 countries on your must-go list
  3. What’s the deal with the shoe obsession?
  4. Favorite superhero
  5. What to do with lottery winnings of over 10 million
  6. Broken bones and surgeries
  7. Free parking spots near favorite haunts
  8. Fantasy tech
  9. Why white chocolate is not chocolate
  10. New Year’s resolutions we’ll probably ignore




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