Good morning

Good morning. That’s my goal, anyway. For me (and probably most people) the first few minutes make a big difference in how the subsequent hours of my day go. In a perfect world, the sun slowly warms my room and I wake up to the smell of coffee, serenaded by the bluejays that live in the tree outside my window. And it happens sometimes.

You know what also happens sometimes? Flocks of really loud honking geese arguing as they fly by my bedroom on their way to the pond; yard crews using motorized tools and leaf blowers; and the slight smell of gas fumes. Those mornings are less pleasant. Fortunately I control what I do in the seconds following the unwelcome jolt.

So here are some things I do (most of the time) to make it a good morning.

  1. I shoot my arrow. The idea is to imagine what I want my day to look like. I often do it in bed before I get up; other times I do it as I go through my morning routine. Still haven’t mastered how to get reality to match it, but it starts me off right.
  2. 7-minute yoga routine. I often add to it and turn it into 20 minutes. And when I wake up sans patience, I literally do like two poses every 20 minutes and it takes me half the day to get through the whole thing. I used to scatter sun salutations throughout my day until I reached a dozen on each side. Maybe not the most zen thing I do, but it helps make sure my back doesn’t feel like one big knot at the end of the day.
  3. Morning TED Talks while I’m getting ready. Love this one especially when I’m traveling for business. Short, sweet and inspiring.
  4. Warm Prime tea. We add manjistha powder to it and have gotten pretty hooked. And yes, I still drink coffee with breakfast, at least on weekends.
  5. Dry skin brushing with raw silk gloves. This isn’t quite a daily thing for me yet, but it feels good (especially on dry itchy days), so it’s slowly becoming one.
  6. Post shower coconut oil is a real favorite. I like to use one with lemon grass (it smells delicious) or one with lavender before bed (same reason).

There are other things I do, but these are some of my favorites. They’re reliable pick-me-ups. That’s my share for the day.

What are your tried-and-true practices?


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