Christmas tree decorations

Happy holidays so far!

Oh my ever living God, the food this holiday season was fantastic! It’s good every year, but this year, seriously, it’s been especially good. Or maybe I was just looking forward to it more. I don’t know, but it was amazing. And we have leftovers. That’s at least three days of extended yum and no cooking to worry about, so I’m pretty happy. I’m also stuffed, bloated and pretty ready to crawl my way back to my yoga mat. I think I did my 7-minute promise maybe twice week.

Anyway, today I’ve been cheerfully half dozing to the constant decompressing joy of Netflix. Starting tomorrow I’ll be happy to lose myself in my quiet work environment for a few days before it’s time to say good bye to 2016.

Hope you’re all enjoying your loved ones.

Happy Holidays!


Photo by Mary Talamantes

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