Mat pilates

So pilates part two happened last night, and as I suspected, the mat version does make my muscles work ever so much harder than the pilates machine version. Considering I’m weak as a noodle, I’m sticking with the mat pilates. There’s a springy ring involved, but it definitely doesn’t make anything easier. This version will get my arms and my core in shape.

The quesadilla I had after class won’t, but I won’t be doing that again. Oy! It hit my stomach like a rock. We were hanging out after class and the bar didn’t have the wine I wanted, so I substituted… very poorly. Good calories come from what I really want; bad calories come from eating something I don’t want; and aggressive calories come from eating something that fights back. Those were some combative quesadillas.

Speaking of combat, that crazy awesome female you see doing the one-armed push up is, of course, not me. I found her on the internet. And even though I have zero desire to be in the army or join fitness competitions, she inspires me. Maybe, like her, some future version of me is insanely strong, clearly happy about it, and even a little dangerous. Definitely sticking with the pilates class.

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