Loving Mondays

Yoga, shower, steam, hot tub… that is how Monday should always end. Definitely sticking with my Monday evening routine. At least until I get a new mattress. I’m convinced mine’s trying to kill me.

The yoga teacher has a delicious way of transitioning poses that I really enjoy. Her moves from one pose to the next are graceful, interesting and smart. Sometimes it feels a little like dancing. Every cue is designed to help you configure the pose safely without really having to think to much about it.  The clarity is especially important for newer students. I mean really, if you don’t regularly twist yourself into a king pigeon pose or prop yourself into a big toe crescent balance, without clear instructions, you’re in a knot or falling over.

The floor transitions are my favorite. She has us basically rolling around the floor and stretching like toddlers, so that’s a plus. All those stretched and twists are just what the chiropractor ordered.

It’s not an especially challenging class, which oddly enough is a good thing. I’m not sure I’d make it every Monday if it were (I probably wouldn’t). And it does the job. My back feels better.




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