My new favorite word: hygge

Apparently this fantastic Danish word hygge (pronounced roughly ‘hue-guh’) was pretty popular at the end of last year. I’m barely catching up. I just heard it in a documentary I was watching on Netflix two nights ago, and I’ve got to say, I fell a little in love with it.

It has a lot of meanings, my favorite being a quality of coziness and the act of enjoying life’s little pleasures. Wine, warm blankets, friends, comfort food and conversations that last late into the night… I believe all that’s included, or at least it is in my version of hygge.

My year jump started with all sorts of changes—mostly good ones. There hasn’t been much time for just being (some, just not much). Among the changes is a big trip in the fall that I’m very excited about. The result is that I’ve hyper focused my mind on the future, so much so I miss entire hours of the present. Obviously not literally, but figuratively I’m definitely mentally somewhere and some-when else. (I spend a stupid amount of time on AirBnB).

Time to increase the hygge and counterbalance all this busy-ness and obsessive planning.

So there you have it. My new off-the-mat focus is getting more hygge in my life.




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