Cool Stuffa

Over the weekend the hubby dragged me last minute to a travel expo (now I know he’s finally getting excited about our trip). There were booths for all sorts of trips and books and (oddly enough) chiropractic services and other wellness options.

While buying a TENS unit wasn’t on our list, getting something warm to wear was. Most of what I had found so far was warm with a good number of internal pockets (two or three), but heavy. We’re going to southern Europe in fall, not northern Europe in winter, so no need for a five pound barrier against blizzards.

Fortunately at the expo we got a good deal on Stuffa. It’s a light weight vest with 12 internal pockets that fits the contents of a small carry-on. We’re obviously checking bags—I don’t see us going to Europe with only the contents of our vests—, but it’s a cool option for day trips. And on cooler days, I won’t need to carry a purse. Plus the hubby points out that it’ll be great for camping, too.

Now I just need an impossibly light weight yoga mat to stuff in there. So far I’m considering a Manduka travel yoga mat. I’m open to suggestions, if you have any.




One thought on “Cool Stuffa

  1. We have been finding a lot of things for our European adventure and this is a must have. we are thinking, in case our luggage gets a little heavy and it will saves us money.

    We just got 2 of them…


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