OMG Just shush!

Oy! My brain is on fast forward—again. I have thoughts interrupting other thoughts while I argue out loud trying to shush them both so I can hear myself think (versus argue… it makes sense in my head).

Does that happen to you, too?

No? Just me?

Here I am planning away the Europe adventure while reviewing first quarter performance, juggling second quarter, eyeballing my art supplies, trying to ignore the itch to work on an old script I found on my external drive, trying not to think about prepping taxes (and failing), and surfing the internet for graduate programs (like I have time for round two of grad school) while working hard to sidestep any more of the current events media flurry.

What happened to that nice meditative moment I stumbled on yesterday?

Generally, it’s been a quiet day outside my head, but inside it’s a blend of my to-do list, every goal I’ve ever set, and Billy Joel in the background adding versus to We Didn’t Start the Fire.

That’s it. It’s time for some yoga nidra and drinks with the BFF.


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