Eating isn’t necessary

We all do it: eating to socialize. Most of the time it works out just fine. Sometimes, though, it goes sideways.

Usually, I love brunch and it’s a regular weekend activity for the hubby and me. Breakfast is my favorite meal, and the long conversations that go with it are a weekend favorite. We usually start late morning, so we’re pretty hungry and ready to eat by the time the food comes.

Coordinating gatherings with my family though, is kind of like trying to nail jello to the wall. Late morning at a breakfast place turned into mid afternoon at a sports bar. But there are plenty of gourmet pubs in the area, so I was still naively hopeful.

No need to go into details about how not-great the food was. Suffice it to say that I’m still vaguely nauseated, and the taste of bad coffee refuses to dissipate.

Lessons learned.

Which ones? These:

1. It is what it is. Adjusting my expectations is the easiest and probably only real solution to the crazy timing of our get togethers.

2. Focus on the time. It’s the shared moments that matter, not the food. Eat first. Far better to give myself the option of not eating food I don’t actually want and just basking in the company instead.

3. All brunch is not created equal. Breakfast may seem simple, but not so easy that it can’t be ruined by a kitchen that’s more focused on bar grub and margaritas.

So there you have it. For family brunch, eating—oddly enough—isn’t necessary.

One thought on “Eating isn’t necessary

  1. I like this. It’s very true. I’d rather enjoy a beautiful meal with a friend or family member somewhere I enjoy, or not eat somewhere I don’t enjoy but just bask in their company. Often I will go to a bar with a friend, and while they take a drink I don’t always want to – so I don’t! I just enjoy their company 🙂


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