Now that I’ve gotten a nice collection of posts, it’s time to review. Yoga principles are a useful way to organize my thoughts, so I’ve started adding them as tags; I’m going bilingual with these.

  1. Non-violence (ahimsa) – Compassion is good.
  2. Truthfulness (satya) – I don’t know how much I’ll avoid exaggerations when they’re funny, but yes, avoiding deception and mistruth is always a good idea.
  3. Non-stealing (asteya) – OK, on this one, I have to laugh and tell you autocorrect has changed the Sanskrit in parentheses to ‘astray’ twice. I’m starting to question the ethical integrity of spell check.
  4. Conservation of vital energy (bramacharya) – For married me this is mostly about fidelity, which thankfully comes pretty easy to me… at least in part because he’s awesome.
  5. Non-hoarding (aparigraha) – Well, we’re doing some major spring cleaning as we prep to leave, so I’m getting plenty of chances to work on this one.
  6. Cleanliness (saucha) – Again, spring cleaning.
  7. Contentment (santosha) – I’ve been working on this for a while. Balancing this one is my achilles heal.
  8. Discipline (tapas) – We can all use more of this one. My focus here is pushing to stay physically active.
  9. Study by and of the self (svadhyaya) – Check. Potentially obsessed with this one.
  10. Surrender (ishvara pranidhana) – Um… no comment.

It’ll take me a while to re-read and tag everything, and I’ll probably change my mind more than once on which tag(s) should be included, but I believe it will be a worthwhile exercise, so I’m doing it.

And in case you’re wondering (or you just love organizing things like my friend ET who organizes my bathroom cabinets ever time I move), yes, your tagging suggestions are welcome. You can tell me what you think I should add in the comments.

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