Bags of clothes

Closet Purging, Part 2

Confession: The purge started on Sunday. It’s Wednesday and that mountain of stuff is still here.

So far I’ve filled eight trash bags and I still have another probably three or four to go. Working on this sort of project is a lot easier on the weekend. I sort of suspected this might happen, so the mess has taken over the living room. And that’s deliberate.

The way I see it, if I make this as inconvenient as possible, I (and the hubby) will be much more likely to push for it to be loaded and taken away. He’s been great about this, by the way. I woke up Monday morning to find that he’d sorted everything in neat stacks for me. And he even added a few items of his own.

I’d probably be closer to done if I just used all my non-work time for it, but life if far more pleasant (for me and everyone around me) when I keep yoga and of course, Wine-lates on my schedule.

I shared my purging adventure with this last group last night and they were wonderfully encouraging. And it’s funny, I got asked again whether I’ve read “that Japanese book” (I think it’s Goodbye, Things) or seen the Minimalism documentary.  That’s happened several times since I announced my purge-a-thon. So now I’m curious about both.

But first I need to get these bags in the car so we have at least one usable sofa.


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