Closet Purge, Part 3

Well, if the most dangerous place to stay in is one’s comfort zone (pointed out by April Stearns at The Seeds 4 Life), then it’s going gangbusters with discomfort at my house. Hauling clothes for re-sell and donation is a pain.

Getting past the whine, I loaded eight trash bags and like 20 hangers worth of clothes. These are things with potential to be sold (relatively recent, no rips or damage). Well, at least I thought they had potential. An embarrassingly small amount was purchased for peanuts, which I took as a sure sign that I desperately needed to do this.

The items not purchased, I donated to a women’s shelter, and I’m feeling pretty good about that. Especially because of all those shoes. I’m not really a shoe-crazy person, so most were gifts (from shoe-crazy family). But I hardly wore them, and now I know someone out there will.

The rest of the mighty mountain is in a separate donation pile. Everything there either needs repairs, is very dated, or will make lovely cleaning rags. I’m taking it to a place that can fix it or sell it to textile recyclers and carpet manufacturers and use the money to continue supporting our local population. Ideal it is not, but it’s better than making it to the landfill by the weekend.

Once that’s done, this project is complete. And I can get on with the wine.

Almost there!







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