Rolling up sleeves

The purge continues…

Purging the closet was obnoxious and delicious all at the same time. It’s a labor-intensive extravaganza of annoying proportions that has left me feeling lighter and happier, actually.

Admittedly, I still have that instance of confusion when I go to get dressed and have two pairs of jeans to pick from. Yeah, that won’t last.  I’m not out to replace everything, but jeans are well, jeans. It’s like having only two pairs of socks. Let’s remember I live in Texas.

I’ve had a flash of regret or two on a few items I gave away (the ones with special history), but it’s short lived. Within literally two to three seconds, I’m back to neutral. I still don’t feel relief about those items, but I’m generally okay about not having them.

Overall the purge has had such a positive impact that I’ve decided it’s time to attack our housewares. Because no one needs that many omelet frying pans. And unless we decide to open a bar, we can live without so much glassware—seriously, highball glasses, Martini glasses, champagne flutes, shot glasses, beer mugs, liqueur glasses, hurricane glasses, snifters, and of course, multiple sets of wine glasses.

We married in our thirties and there weren’t many house items we didn’t have, so many of our loved ones went crazy with the glassware. Here we are, many years later, and we still haven’t opened Cocktails and Dreams (or want to), so I see no reason to continue stocking like we’re going to.

I’m tired, a bit irritated, and sick of seeing mess everywhere, but I’m also inspired and on a roll. With a bit of luck, half everything will be gone before we jet off.

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