Brunch Season

I just saw the strangest ad declaring the start of “brunch season.” Clearly they don’t understand how the wonderful world of brunching works. How could it ever not be in season?

Sure, Ayurveda considers eggs a fall and winter thing, but you can always add maybe a little ghee… a little organic cream… mmmm cream… a pinch of salt, some lemon juice, white wine vinegar, a tiny dash of cayenne pepper—wait, what? I completely lost track of what I was saying and fell into an Eggs Benedict fantasy.

Seriously speaking though, if I look at it from an Ayurvedic perspective, late spring ’tisn’t the season to be hollandaise jolly.  Everything but the ghee makes you hotter, and in May here in Texas, that’s not at all what I want.

I guess the ad must have a very different idea of what brunch entails, like a sweet and cool weather-appropriate fruit salad or something. That’s fine for a Tuesday, but weekend brunch? I’d rather just skip the coffee and add a chamomile-peppermint tea to my breakfast.


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