Morning pages

So few years ago someone suggested that I do morning pages. If you’ve never heard of morning pages, the idea is to write long hand until you fill three pages (three sides that is) of letter size paper. You just follow your stream of consciousness non-stop, first thing in the morning.

I did them for a while and it did spark my creativity, but then I got distracted with other things and completely forgot all about them. Those other things were important, so I’m not sorry it happened, but I have noticed creativity started to take more effort. Nothing as dramatic as full blown writer’s block, but things just don’t flow like they used to.

So far I’ve just  pressed on and not really  worried too much about it.  I joined a couple of book clubs which is always good for creativity and considered joining a writing group, though time for that can get a little tricky.

Then Stephanie Klein, one of the presenters at last weekend’s writers conference, mentioned morning pages. I love the way she described it. She said it was like clearing your throat, creatively speaking.  Sounds good to me. And this time I’m going to give myself a real challenge: one year solid of doing morning pages every day.

I would wait until Monday to start, but that never works, so I’m starting tomorrow. In fact I just walked out of the grocery store with a plain 120-page college-ruled notebook. It’s nothing like my nice leather-bound Journal. Nope. If I pick something too pretty, I won’t want to desecrated it with barely legible sleepy handwriting.

So I have a notebook, a brand new .38 gel pen my husband gave me earlier today, and a goal. I’m ready.

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