Morning pages challenge begins

Day one was a success. Within five minutes of waking up, I was writing. It’s funny because it felt almost like the first day of school when I was little. I was worried I would completely forget, so of course it was the first thing on my mind on waking. 

I loved school as a little kid. I remember more than once waking up a couple of hours after having gone to bed, convinced I was late for school. I would leap out of bed freaking out and do a sleepy stumble in a desperate search for my socks. Anticipating the start of one year of morning pages was a smaller but similar sensation.

As I looked for my notebook and pen, I was admittedly a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to fill the space with words, not because a page-and-a-half of writing is all that much, but rather because I was worried I’d draw a blank. I don’t know why. I’m good with deadlines. Maybe it’s because I made my goal public. Who knows. Who cares.  Day two (today) went well and I’m pretty content. 

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