I have pretty decent problems

Life is such a mixed bag, but one thing is promised to us all: there absolutely will be problems. Fortunately not all problems are created equal. If I take a bird’s eye view of my life in the last five years or so, the quality of my problems has improved enormously.

Pilates and the yoga thing helps, but really the “mat” I speak of on this blog is usually a metaphorical one that represents moments of introspection and my effort for living a better life. Better than what? Better than yesterday.

When I look through my journal entries, like most people, I see more gripes than shining moments of gratitude. Makes sense. When I’m happy, unless I’m completely elated, the last thing on my mind is writing about it. If I write happy, I’m blogging, writing fiction or bullshitting on social media. So I have a very convenient overview of all the shit that gets me down.

I’m happy to say, my problems have gotten better and better. And no, I don’t mean that I have too much money or too much free time or any such ridiculous fake problem. I mean actual crappy things I don’t want in my life. Many have lessened in intensity and some have even vanished. There are a few new ones that are so tiny they’re the gnats of problems.

So go me and my improved crap. How about you. How are your problems coming along?



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