Dear people at the next table

Bars are loud. I get it. They aren’t havens of tranquility or meditation spaces. That said, please consider that between the TV sets, the bar tender shaking and blending, the music, the retro video game, and the high volume conversations, we’re hitting at least 90 decibles—and that’s on a slow Monday.

So how about you don’t play that video on your phone with the volume cranked up? Maybe share your ear buds… or just talk to your friends.

Speaking of your friends, it’s especially unpleasant when several of you at the same table are streaming a variety of amusing loud clips on YouTube… all at once. I think—I may be wrong here, but dare I suggest—you may have missed the point of going to the bar in the first place. Maybe actual conversation is just my preference, but seriously do consider headphones.

Many thanks,

The Three Surrounding Tables Trying to Talk Over Your Media

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