Dear Red Beard

My day started with many work absences that put unexpected demands on my time. So I had to miss my first meeting, an event I had been looking forward to for weeks. The next item on my calendar turned out to be not at all what I expected. Bottom line on that one is that I drove 20 miles round trip for something that was a huge waste of time. You can imagine staying cheerful was getting tricky.

Anyway, just before my third scheduled meeting, I find out something had gone wrong with a project, and I’m the only one available to fix it. Again, just before my third meeting. Minutes before. Still, I smile and try to convince myself that Murphy’s Law isn’t chasing me specifically today. I put wheels in motion and go to my meeting.

Enter the transition. My meeting went swimmingly. I’ve connected with a wonderful human being with whom I know I can do great business. Yay! One thing has gone right today.

And then my husband calls to let me know his car has broken down about half a mile away. Almost simultaneously, my solution to my project is derailing. Fortunately, I have a hotspot on my phone. Off I rush to help the hubby—basically by blocking traffic so that no one hits him as they come around the curve where he’s stalled.

So there I am in my car, typing away to save my project while my husband does I-don’t-know-what to his car with people honking and giving us angry stares for delaying their day. I’m working from the cabin of my car, feeling helpless (I have almost zero mechanical skills), and feeling like my community is full of honking idiots.

And then there was you.

You pulled in between our cars, out of the blue, made sure we were ok. Who are you? Well, as it turns out, you are someone my husband worked with very briefly about six years ago. He treated you as well as he treats everyone and you remembered. In the midst of chaos, you recognized him, pulled over, and helped him push our car to a side street where we could finish dealing with our day-gone-sideways out of the line of traffic.

Thank you, Red Beard. You were the first domino in a series of solutions that got us through a crazy day.

A Grateful Neighbor



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