Dear Random Telemarketer

Your work is as valuable as anyone else’s. I’m sure most people say no to you, and you must be a very determined man to keep dialing all those numbers anyway. I wonder how successful you are though. Talking nonstop, not listening, and raising your voice to drown out my reply won’t get you from no to yes.

I’m sure me repeating thank you, I’m not interested; please take me off your list over and over like a mantra, eventually just speaking over you no matter what you said probably irritated you to no end. Sorry. And to be clear, I mean I’m sorry your job doesn’t include listening. Had you stopped the first three times that I politely waited, I wouldn’t have taken your lead and just talked over you.

Still, I get that that’s your job and you were following your training…without reflecting much on how our call was going. That’s why I stayed on the line long enough for you to get through the many screens of instructions encouraging you to completely ignore my words, until you finally came to the last one and confirmed you had removed me from your list.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Let’s test that theory for a few decades.

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