Data Visualization of the internet

Dear internet

love you. In 1998, I worked poolside for months and skipped winter all together. In 2003 I lived and studied in two different towns. In 2010, the hubby and I lived beachside for six months. And now, in 2017, we’re less than a week away from traveling around Europe for three months.

All because of you, beautiful you.

As we’ve grown up together, I know things have gotten more complicated for you, what with all the hackers out there, but I truly believe you’re getting better with age. We both are.  Sure we have to focus more on our health, but it’s fine. I’ll keep sipping on my Prime tea and making sure I’m connecting you to a well reputed high security VPN.

Together we’ll continue to travel and make memories, you giving me access to safe and free mobile calls and data, and me reciprocating with content. You’ll keep helping me find my way since I have no sense of direction, and I’ll keep contributing to your linguistic understanding since you’re still the absolute worst translator I’ve ever met.

Don’t freak out if I’m around less. Wherever I am, I’m surely taking pictures and you can rest assured that I’ll be back to upload them.

A shout out to your creators.

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