We’re back

Hey, guys. This is a totally unfocused post. Consider yourself warned.

We just got back from three months of travel in Europe and there are many experiences to digest. I still have that transitional sensation that lingers when you’ve changed lodging every week. Waking in the middle of the night in search of the bathroom is still momentarily confusing.

I want to keep the best moments (by far the majority) and just file the less-than-great ones under lessons learned, so the Europe posts may seem a little too sunny, a little too happy, a little too perfect…and now you know why.

I’m no Pollyanna. Truth be told, by nature I’m more of a who-the-hell-drank-half-my-water creature. That makes these little tweaks toward positivity rather important. Mind you, that won’t stop me from telling you how much I dislike Europe’s tiny elevators or how sincerely I hate French public bathrooms. I’ll just focus more on Europe’s beauty and how completely in love I am with French food. It’ll be better that way. For everyone.


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