Best thing I’m bringing back from Europe

The very best thing I’m bringing back from Europe is a major walking habit. There’s really no better way to get a feel for a place and discover cool corners than covering the streets on foot. Boy did we walk!

It’s a good thing too, because we basically ate our way through Europe. Day one we landed in Dublin—which sadly, we didn’t get to see because our flight landed too late for us to leave the airport. Instead we enjoyed Irish hospitality in the food court and had what the menu called a mini breakfast. Mini must mean something else over there. It’s at least twice as big as my normal breakfast.

In Scotland we were met with a similar monstrosity, with an added croissant and jam—because the eggs, bacon, sausages (yes, plural), buttered toast, and baked beans clearly weren’t enough. I might have considered moderation had the pub in Edinburgh not served me a grilled brie and tomato sandwich. It was beautiful. I almost cried. Once the cheese-a-thon began, all bets were off.

We had three choices:

  1. Take cabs, eat with reckless abandon, and burst out of our clothing.
  2. Walk a lot (only some cabs/buses/etc.), eat with reckless abandon, and fit in our clothing.
  3. Eat carefully and in moderation, and be riddle with regret for the rest of our lives.

Option 2 seemed best. So we basically walked about 7 to 10 miles a day and ate everything in sight.


Shockingly, my clothes fit better now than they did when I first packed them. More importantly, not moving is actually uncomfortable now. I can’t seem to start my day without walking at least a quick mile in the morning. Didn’t really see that coming, but I’m thrilled.

Lots and lots of stairs.

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