Living and (almost) limber

So I hurt my back a couple of weeks ago. I want to say it was while skiing in Andorra or lifting a car to save a puppy or fending off ninjas… but no. It was the least interesting injury ever. I reached down to grab my shoes and couldn’t get back up.

For days I walked like a depressed zombie. And no, I don’t like zombies, not even a little. I much prefer the land of the living and limber. So I attacked this problem with a vengeance. I might have to move slowly, but I decide quickly: MD, physical therapy, and every home remedy.

Two weeks, five trigger point injections, some laser, some ice, some electric therapy, several pills, God-knows-how-many pain relieving patches, essential oils, yoga, and oh-so-many massages later (yay for having an awesome spouse), I’m finally able to do more than nap and Netflix.

My yoga routine has gotten a hell of a lot shorter—I could do exactly two poses the day after this happened—but it’s helped enormously. Pigeon pose (waaaaaay modified) is my BFF these days. Yoga isn’t quite what saved the day exactly—sleep did that—but it’s what has me off meds, walking like a normal person, and driving again. I’d do a happy dance, but I’m not quite there yet. Maybe next week.

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