Music is magic

Music is amazing. I spent time today with someone who was cheerfully playing old jazz tunes on Pandora in the background. It didn’t take long for nostalgia to set in. He relived fond childhood memories they gave me the opportunity to get to know him better, and my mind kept taking me to scenes from old 80’s movies. You wouldn’t believe which movie popped the most.

Of all the performances I could have connected this to, my mind kept wandering back to the 1988 movie Big Business with Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin. I kept replaying the opening tune “Sing Sing Sing” written by Louis Prima and performed by Benny Goodman. Yes, I had to Google the soundtrack for that reference since, ironically, I hardly know anything about jazz at all. I just like how it makes me feel.

The tune is played during the opening scene when two twins are born in a small town and are accidentally mismatched by an almost blind nurse. Although it’s been quite a while, I must have watched that movie several dozen times, many of those occasions with my siblings. An afternoon of jazz elicited memories of so much more than a funny flick.

Today I enjoyed flashes of long evenings building blanket forts in the living room, eating junk food, and re-watching VHS tapes with my childhood besties (when we weren’t fighting over the cookies).

Sigh. Music is magic.

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