Want to be on a podcast?

Have you ever set a goal, worked toward it, gotten ready and then just… didn’t do it? Be it for reasons related to competing priorities, fears you’d rather ignore, frustration with time constraints, or whatever else, it happens.

Since spring of 2017 I’ve been wanting to launch a podcast. I’ve taken a couple of related courses, brainstormed topics, planned interviews, and even recorded a few… and then waited. For what, I don’t know.

If this project had just kind of fizzled, I’d chalk it up to a passing curiosity, but that’s not what’s happened. I’ve done more and more research, recording, pondering, and general dancing in circles—a bit odd, since I tend to be more decisive, and yet.

I don’t care why. Chewing on that seems like just another way to delay. What I do care about is pushing forward. I’m going to record 25 interviews before New Year’s Eve. There. I said it.

My interest is in folks who have multi-national experiences beyond vacationing. So far I’ve concentrated on my personal network, since it basically looks like a UN roster. And now I’m hoping to branch out.

If you’ve lived in more than one country—especially (though not exclusively) if there was a change during your formative years—and you’re interested in participating, reach out. Let’s talk!

5 thoughts on “Want to be on a podcast?

  1. Wow, thanks guys! So far I have 18 referrals, 2 scheduled info conversations, and 2 solid yeses. I’m feeling optimistic about reaching that 25 interview goal. 🙂


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