Philippines or bust

For a few months now I’ve been planning a trip to the Philippines. It’s my first trip to Asia! As the weeks go by, I get increasingly excited.

It all started with a friend inviting me to join her on a US-Philippines Ambassador Tour she does every now and again. Registration is closed now, but you see the information for the agency that organizes in the footer and certainly check it out for next year.

Anyway, my friend convinces me this is a good idea both personally and professionally. We chart a plan that includes the tour coordinated through the Philippine-American Chamber of commerce—and add a couple more weeks, since I’m not going all the way there to stay for only ten days. Too much to see.

In preparation, I’ve been YouTubing like crazy and checking out places on Instagram. Let me just say that I foresee a lot of beach-side meals in my near future. If you’ve visited the Philippines, do share your must-have foods with me! And remember, this is my first time, so I’m very interested in your impressions.

The drawing  on this post is more “travel goals” than itinerary since only part of the items are actually planned. And some may change. I like a solid plan with plenty of wiggle room to completely change my mind. Still, I’ll be there for only 3 weeks, so, while I can’t just check out all the islands, ideas for things to see and do, especially on Luzon and Palawan (since I’ll already be there), would be most welcome.

One more month to go. Can’t wait!

UPDATE: I finished the drawing and updated it here. Let’s see how many things I get around to.


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