Be less supportive. Seriously. Please.

Do you have any well-meaning people in your life that just try too hard? You know, that person who is constantly empathizing with you over something that doesn’t actually bother you at all. Sigh. And it’s—insanely enough—a sincere effort to be supportive.

Can you imagine being constantly told something random about you is being “honored” or that “space is being held” for you existence?

I get it. These are phrases we’ve brought into common use to discuss hard topics, especially in professional environments… but do they need to invade every interaction? Sometimes—often times even—what’s supposed to communicate love and acceptance for all, actually comes across as condescending psychobabble.

It’s a case of good intentions (yes, I’m sure) blending with unspoken expectations resulting in me making a herculean effort to avoid eye-rolling and screaming. And yes, conversations are two-sided.

On my end, my good intention is to have a pleasant interaction (or at least not an unpleasant one), and my expectation includes a conversation that doesn’t sound like therapy. I’m pretty sure this sort of thing is exactly why mimosa brunches were invented.


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