I love me some NOLA

It had been years since my last visit to New Orleans, and on this trip I had two first-timers with me. Fortunately we’re not in our twenties and these companions were the quieter sort, so I was saved from babysitting intoxicated humans in burning-hot August up and down Bourbon Street.

In fact this time, the only Bourbon experience was at room temperature, neat and in a snifter at dinner, as God intended.

My flight had three mini-servings: Old Grand-Dad, Evan Williams, and Rittenhouse Rye.

Walking the streets of the French Quarter is always great fun. I love the smaller shops, the sweet smell of beignets,  and all the music!

Musical group with tuba, trombone, 2 trumpets and a drum playing on the sidewalk of a small street in the French Quarter
Around every corner, groups and individual artists fill the air with music. It’s enough to almost make me forget the heat. Almost.

One of our travel companions wanted to go to the house of blues. The concierge had mentioned there was a free concert the next evening and had given her tickets, so we made a plan and off we went.

Unfortunately she didn’t double-check on the music for the evening, so rather than an evening of chillin’ to the blues, we had an evening of Nirvana tribute bands! It was so funny! The look on her face was priceless — something between sheepish, disappointed and confused. We all had a good laugh.


I ordered my drink and had a blast, but I couldn’t help but notice her disappointment. She had an okay time (fortunately she likes Nirvana), but it was definitely not the evening she was hoping for. In fact, we left early. I wasn’t quite ready to go, but we’d been attending a conference for days and I was tired anyway, so the early evening was all right in the end.

On our one free day, we jumped on a river boat and floated along for a couple hours with “Rolling on the River” playing incessantly in our heads — though the onboard jazz trio never played it.

Deck our our riverboat with 4 flags flapping in the wind
The clouds and breeze were our saving grace. It was hot as blazes!
Giant red wheel propelling our riverboat down the Mississippi
The giant red paddle wheel propelling our riverboat down the Mississippi
Red cocktail served in a plastic cup
My Mississippi Breeze on board.

Once off the boat we headed for some beignets and coffee. On the way there we saw quite a few participants in a red-dress run that took place earlier in the day. Fortunately we’d run into some of them the night before, so we found the scene less baffling. I’ve got to say, this sort of craziness is one of the many reasons I just love NOLA!


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As always, there’s a lot more to tell. This is just a very very short list of fun highlights. The food is amazing, the people are friendly, and the art is plentiful, and for all of this, I’ll always return.

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