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I need a Marie Kondo in my life

It’s that time again, time for another closet purge. Why is starting so hard?!

I wish I could close my eyes and have a Marie-Kondo-like fairy with special mind reading powers come and magically make everything tidy. She’d need to read my mind so that she doesn’t throw out anything I still want, and she’d need to have powers so that I don’t have to do any of it myself. Alas, that’s never going to happen.

So far I have a pile of clean laundry that I’ve refused to touch. I’ve been trying to talk myself into the part where I take out everything and only put back what I want. Ugh! Where’s that magic wand!

You know what I’d love to achieve? Actually wanting to do this. I love the feeling after, but the actual process turns me into a belligerent eight year old. I just don’t wanna. How this happened, I’ll never know. My mother loves organizing—especially clothes—and my dad dislikes junk. He’d rather just toss things than let them pile up. I swear, if I didn’t look so much like them, I’d suspect I was adopted.

The madness begins tomorrow. This year the deadline is an out-of-town guest. I have until the 16th to purge and organize, or have our visitor sleeping on (or under) piles of clothes.

Wish me luck.


Pic note: Yeah, that’s not me, but I’m busy mentally pouting right now, so she will have to do. Thank you to Lina Kivaka for capturing exactly how I feel about this.

6 thoughts on “I need a Marie Kondo in my life

    1. Only halfway. I got the closet purge done and then ran away from the drawers. Finally got to those barely Monday. I don’t know if faster would work for me ‘cuz sloth-slow is apparently the only speed I have for this particular task!


      1. Oh, those drawers. It’s all the THINKING you gotta do, deciding the fate and right home for each item that taxes the brain and takes so much time. At least you can enjoy that great feeling stepping into your closet. =)

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      2. Yes! It’s all that deciding. Wish I were one of those people who could just grab half and donate it without looking.


    2. I did get around to it in the end, and I had more things I was able to get rid of. Here we are three months later and yes, the closet is nicer. I still wish my cloths would fold and put themselves away magically, though.


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