How goes the quarantine?

Holy cow, it’s been forever since I’ve written anything. That’s okay, this blog is my toy, so I’m not worried.

Hello, everybody! I hope everyone is doing well during this very very odd time in human history. I’m doing well in my little corner of the world, and have rather enjoyed some aspects of the solitude. That said, at this point I am starting to get restless.

Now that it’s been about a month, I’ve noticed some bizarre changes. I say bizarre; I just mean unexpected. For me one of the things that has turned upside down has been my sleep schedule. I’m very accustomed to working from home–it’s been my reality for about a decade–but the rhythm of life has shifted. I find myself up until crazy hours of the night. Of course that means that I start my day much later. If that were the only change, then no problem. For me, though, it’s meant that the next day just kind of goes by in slow motion. It seems like it takes me so much longer to do things that before took no time at all.

So I’m starting to schedule more things. Sometimes good and useful things. But I’m also scheduling completely random things. I need variety in my life. It’s funny because I was just laughing the other day at the thought that if I wanted this much uniformity, I would’ve stayed in corporate America. And yes, I know that corporate America is beautiful for many people. Big hugs to all my friends who miss their office life! For those of us that are used to changing where and how we work all the time, it’s been tricky.

This quarantine has my muse bored or maybe even asleep. Time to wake ‘er up. How are you keeping your days interesting?






4 thoughts on “How goes the quarantine?

  1. Hello Laura, you’ve a beautiful blog and I have enjoyed your posts. Quarantine is going well for me too. I found that developing a routine for the day helps me think of the days as going by faster. I know I would prefer to be out there taking a walk, but it is for the better good and a small sacrifice to make. And I have more time to write, paint, think or listen to music, watch movies or read…take good care and my greetings from Mediterranean Spain,

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  2. So good to read your blog, Laura 🙂
    I am enjoying this time a lot. Grateful that my family and friends are well, so I am focusing on catching up with tons of stuff I had been postponing (emails, reading, webinars…). I am also feel more connected to myself and humanity, and am setting a daily ritual that I am taking with me once this is over. Like you, I used to have issues with rhythm, but not anymore. What worked for me was to stay in schedule no matter what. So, for example, for those days that I would go to bed too late, I would still have my alarm clock ring in the morning. By not sleeping late, I would keep my body in schedule because… well, at night I would be so tired that no more late nights for me 😉
    What I have noticed is that I am more tired than usual many times, and don’t sleep as well as I used to. I take it is because of the slow motion life and not so much exercise. And, well, it is what it is. Once I stopped resisting that, I am OK with the way it is. This journey is allowing me to be more present to myself, my body and my emotions, and respond accordingly with patience and acceptance and love to myself and others. Not everyday is bliss, but when the bad times come, they do not last as long anymore. I feel for those who suffer and send them my love and think of them everyday… And I am also aware of all the community efforts and people helping each other as well. This time at home is teaching me so much, I am so grateful.

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