5 Things that come with the new normal

  1. My left sleeve is constantly dirty thanks to the elevator. I’m a little concerned for what summer elbow will look like.
  2. Hydrated locks. I love shelter-in-place hair. Hurray for extra time for pampering!
  3. Super clean garbage. It’s no longer just the fruits and vegetables. We clean packaged things now, too.
  4. Puppies! I suspect my neighbors are turning to canine friends for company. There are quite a few new puppies strolling the park these days.
  5. Restaurant food that is just good no longer cuts it. Since we can’t get the full experience, only we-love-it levels of delicious are worth it.

I’m sure there are many more. These are the ones that immediately came to mind as I opened my blog today. What are some new normals for you?

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